SEO Return

1. Filmtvlaw

Introduction is an American-based law firm in the USA and has a presence in all 52 states of the USA. The law firm deals with directors, producers, artists, writers, and musicians in the entertainment industry. The entertainment law firm handles cases relevant to intellectual property rights, film financing, Taxation, contracting, and licensing. 


The company wanted to rank its keywords in the Google search results on the first page, the keyword’s difficulty level was high.
The company asked me to rank for  the following keywords

  • The entertainment law firm’s Managing Partner told me to rank the website for the above-mentioned keywords. The difficulty level was very high and I have never before had such a project. I have taken this project as a challenge.

    The keyword difficulty level and competition in the USA market were the problems for me to overcome.

    We were at the 3rd or 2nd page for these keywords and some of these keywords were not ranking anywhere in Google.

    The site DA was only 14 when I started working on this project and no keywords were ranking on the first page of Google search results in the USA.

Work Plan

Due to the highest keyword difficulty level and competition, I want to implement something different.

So I have decided to go with the following work plan for this website on weekly basis:

1- On-Page SEO settings

  • Website Audit
  •  keywords placement
  •  keywords density
  •  Title optimization
  •  Meta description writing
  • Internal linking
  • External linking
  • Image Optimization

    The things like Robot txt creation, and Google XML, was already done by the website developer
  • Article posting links- Includes the writing of the article and posting on the sites, 3 per week.
  • Comments backlinks- 3 backlinks in a week
  • High Authority Profile backlinks-  4 backlinks in a week
  • Web 2.0 Backlinks- 3 backlinks in a week
  • Social Bookmarking links- 10 links per week
  • Directory backlinks- important for a local listing, need to find 1 to 2 backlinks per week.
  • Social media links depend on your choice- 4 backlinks per week
  • Tier backlinks- once a month (20 backlinks)

I asked the client to give me access to their website, so I started implementing changes to their website. He refused to give me access to the website. But at last, he told me to provide me with the guideline about what changes I needed.

Work Plan Implementation

I daily provide guidelines about the changes in on-page SEO I need. Their website developers implement the changes which I need on a daily basis. After a period of 1 week, I started working on the backlinks.


After 4 months of work, I started getting results, and the Entertainment lawyer Los Angeles and Entertainment attorney Los Angeles started ranking. Also, one more keyword named as Entertainment lawyer came on the first page in the Google search results in the USA.
After a few days the also ranked for entertainment lawyers on Google search results.
This is the screenshot of keywords rankings in the USA

Also, I have ranked many other keywords for this business.

2. PMC is a Singapore-based tuition academy for which I have worked as SEO Specialist. Previously they had the website PMC has an experienced team of science subjects tutors and each year their students grab good grades in the level and o level study.


I have ranked their website for certain keywords in Singapore but now they want to build a new website and Fouse me to work on it. They want to shift their all audience from the to

Work Plan

I advised them to keep the website and besides this start building and designing their new website and once completed handover to me. 

From zero domain authority, page authority, and traffic, I started to formulate a plan: The plan was:

1- To set on-page SEO
2- Removal of technical SEO issues
3- Backlinks of good quality both free and paid.

The client agreed to pay for guest post backlinks.


This website took me a little bit longer and keywords started ranking in Google Singapore search results after 7 months of work efforts but due to the competition level the keywords ranking was low and clients wanted to see them in the first 10 positions.
It is evident from the below screenshots the website is ranking for many different kinds of keywords and organic traffic on ahrefs tools shows an increment.

Sufficient increase in DR and Organic traffic

From 0 to 30 increase in the Domain authority
From 0 to 35 increase in the page authority

3. Case Study Whistle Copter

Introduction To Whistlecopter is a USA-based small business selling whistle-copter toys for children/kids. Their website domain is The website is an online store for selling whistle-copters. The company is consistently adding new vendors for its products and has discounted prices for them as compared to retail prices.
The company website is on the WordPress Platform. The company’s main competitor was


The major challenge faced by the whistlecopter is to rank the keywords on the first page of Google. The company wants to rank for two keywords: 1- Whistle Copter and 2- Flash copters.
The company wants to come in the first three places on Google’s first page.

Both of these keywords weren’t competitive but the company’s previous SEO guy struggled for a year to bring them, unfortunately, he wasn’t succeeded to bring them to the first page of Google.

I have accepted this challenge and I told my client that I willn’t get any payment until I bring both keywords to the top of Google.

Before starting my work, all the keywords were on the third page of Google.


I formulated the strategy: First of all done the Audit of whistlecopter website manually and with Ahrefs. I found that the meta title and meta description length isn’t good and there was no existence of keywords in the content body, meta title, and meta description. First thing I want to look for the on-page SEO and content optimization on the home because I want to bring up the home page of whistlecopter. In the on-page I decided to check for the following:
1- Keywords placement in the content
2- Keywords density or keywords ratio according to the number of words
3- Meta Title checking according to SEO best practices
4- Meta description checking

After setting this I also checked for technical issues but there were no major technical issues found on the website

After setting the On-Page SEO, I want to start the link-building process. The budget was less so I started thinking about what I can do in the Off-Page SEO at the minimum cost. I decided to go with free backlinks. The following types of backlinks I want to build for the whistlecopter;
1- Social Bookmarking Backlinks
2- High Authority profile backlinks
3- Web 2.0 Backlinks
4- Free guest post backlinks
5- Comment Backlinks

Before My SEO Work

There was no organic traffic on the website before my SEO work because no keyword ranking. No On-Page SEO but Off-page SEO done by the previous guy and with no results from 1 year.

After My SEO Work

I have started the SEO work and after implementing the above SEO strategy for 2 months I was able to push both keywords into the first 5 places on Google. After 3 months I was able to bring the keywords to the first 3 places.
Now, You can see all these two keywords are in first place on Google.

The client was very happy and he offered me work for his other two sites.

4. Poetry Crowds


Poetrycrowds is a website about poetry, where a reader can read Urdu Poetry, English Poetry, Hindi Poetry and more. Also, various kinds of quotes are available at Poetry Crowds website. You can read poetry of famous poets at Poetry Crowds.


There was no traffic on this website when I started working, the domain authority was 1 and page authority was also 0. The website owner wants to get traffic from Pakistan, India, USA , United Kingdom and as well European countries. 

The website existed on the platform and a client told me It will be possible to shift the domain from blogger to WordPress platform in the future.

The client budget was very low but his goals were very high.

Also, client want me to increase poetrycrowds website DA and PA within the period of 6 to 8 months.

Work Plan & Implementation

I devised the following work plan:

1- 5 social sharing per week
2- 3 profile backlinks per week
3- 3 comments backlinks per week.

4- Posting of 3 blogs per week on the poetrycrowds website by site owner

The work plan wasn’t handy but I thought It will work well because poetry crowds have interesting content for the readers. 

The on-page SEO responsibility was already taken by the website owner. 


After 3 months the implementation of the above work plan the website started getting traffic from Pakistan and India. But the website wasn’t ranking for keywords in the USA and UK.

I kept the above strategy and continued the work. After the 5 months period the website started ranking for various keywords in the USA and UK.

After the six months many of the website keywords were at 1st position in the Google search results. The number of visitors per month were 2k plus and site was getting upward day by day. 

Problem 2

When the site was going in the upward direction and traffic was increasing. The website owner told me to shift the hosting of the poetrycrowds because he want to add some features in the website which were impossible to implement on the blogger platform. I asked him I can shift the hosting of the poetrycrowds website but It can reduce the website traffic and we can lost the position of the major keywords ranking for this website. But he insisted me to do this because he want to add some more features in the website.

Domain Transfer from Blogger to WordPress

I shifted the site from Blogger to WordPress. Due to the transfer from Blogger to WordPress all the urls of the website blog articles changed and there was a need to re-design the website again and definitely it takes time. It has taken two weeks to change the design and addition of some new features in the website.
During the two weeks time period we have lost major traffic and keywords deranked. We left only 200 organic visitors from Pakistan and India due to the domain transfer from Blogger to WordPress. We lost traffic from the USA and UK.

The above graph is showing the loss of traffic from transferring the domain from Blogger to the WordPress platform and the change of hosting plan.

Too many keywords lost their positions

5. Adam Accountancy


Adam Accountancy with url is a UK based chartered accountants firm. The firm’s main services are Tax, audit, bookkeeping, business advice and payroll management. The company has its presence in the area of Slough.


The company wants to see its 5 keywords in the top 3 positions for Google maps/Google business profile.The keywords  Accountants in Slough, accountant in Slough, Slough Accountants, Slough Accountant and chartered accountants in Slough were at 2nd position when they assigned me to work on this work. Also, they want to bring those 3 keywords in the top 5 position in the Google search results. 

Work Plan

I have decided to set the keywords in the Google business profile and home page of the

Also, there was need to set the some technical things like meta title, meta description and focus keywords

My first goal was to set up the on-page SEO and after the completion this I want to go for backlinking. The site DA was just 18 and I decided to add DA>20 backlinks with spam score < 2. I wanted to add relevant backlinks from UK accounting and finance forums. Article posting on highest traffic sites, profile backlinks creation, comments backlinks, business listing links and more.

I need to build backlinks in the following ratio:

1- 2 to 10 Business listing backlinks per week
2- 10 social sharing backlinks per week
3- 3 comments backlinks per week
4- 1 to 2 guest post backlinks per month

Work Implementation and Achievements

First of all, I completed the content optimization in the home page of Adam Accountancy website and settled the meta title, meta description and keyword phrase. After this, I edit the Google business profile Title and Description with desired keywords. 

I completed the content optimization within a day and next day I started working on the Backlinks.

After continuously following the above work plan I brought the keyword accountants in Slough and Slough Accountants in the first 3 results on the Google maps, the keyword accountant in Slough was at 4th place in the Google maps search result. For the keyword chartered accountants in slough the Adam Accountancy was at the 9th place in the Google maps

In the Google search results, I brought the 3 keywords in the first 9 search results on the first page of Google. 

It was a huge achievement for me and for my client.

For the current rankings in the Google maps you can see the below screenshots:

1- Accountants in Slough- Number 1 ranking on first page of Google maps

2- Accountant in Slough: Number 1 position on the first page of Google maps search results.

3- 3rd position in the Google maps for the keyword chartered accountants in Slough

Google Search UK Rankings

1- Accountants in Slough: First position on first page

2- Accountant in Slough: First position on first page

The Semrush keywords Report- You can see all first 5 keywords exist in the top 3 position in the Google search results

Semrush report keywords Position or Keywords ranking Url


Just copy and paste this report

During the ranking process I have several times worked and removed the issues like page indexation, text too small, text too big or mobile useability issues for this website.